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FINAL LTD compani is actively in business since 1990.,when it started its career in the field of grinding.The first step to success was by whetting different chapping and cutting tolls.By this,we developed the business of producing and whetting special,non standard chopping tolls.After this our work developed into the following areas: -making inside and outside(screw threads)whorls                                                               -profile abrading and circular whetting                                                                                                -circular  inside and outside whetting                                                                                                -as well as other whetting operation.                         Among all these,the most popular is the making of non standard whorls on various test tubes which are used in the production of diferent kind of plastic materials.                                                                                                    Our company "FINAL" is also engaged in smaller white smitery jobs as well as improving materials by cementation or tempering.  For more information,see our image gallery.